As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, many homeowners are looking for ways to improve the sustainability of their homes. One way to do this is by installing artificial turf in Nashville.

Synthetic turf has come a long way in recent years and it’s now an excellent alternative to natural grass for many reasons. Check out these five ways artificial grass can improve your home’s sustainability:

Saves Water

Natural lawns require a lot of water to maintain, especially during the hot summer months. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average household uses 320 gallons of water per day, with about 30% of that going to outdoor use. Much of that water goes to lawns, which can add up to a significant amount over time. Artificial grass eliminates this need and can save homeowners hundreds of gallons of water per year.

Lowers Carbon Footprint

Mowing a traditional lawn can be time-consuming and environmentally unfriendly. Gas-powered lawnmowers emit carbon dioxide and other pollutants into the air, contributing to global warming and air pollution.

An artificial turf installation near me eliminates the need for mowing, which reduces carbon emissions and helps to create a more sustainable environment.

Reduces Chemical Use

Maintaining a natural lawn often involves using a variety of chemicals, including fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. These chemicals can harm the environment and they can also be dangerous for pets and children.

Artificial grass eliminates the need for these chemicals. Weeds can’t spread on it, so there’s no need for weed killers. Likewise, pests are less likely to stay on it because there are no plants to feed on.

Minimizes Energy Consumption

Maintaining a natural lawn often requires the use of electric or gas-powered tools, such as lawnmowers and weed trimmers. These tools use energy and contribute to the overall energy consumption of a home. With artificial grass for a putting green installation near me, there’s no need for these tools. This helps lower energy consumption and reduce a home’s overall carbon footprint.

Provides Long-Term Savings

While the initial cost of installing artificial grass may be higher than traditional grass, it can provide long-term savings in several ways. Artificial grass doesn’t require the ongoing maintenance and watering that traditional grass does, which can lead to significant savings over time. Additionally, many cities and states offer rebates and incentives for installing artificial grass, which can help to offset the initial cost of installation.

Go Green With Artificial Turf in Nashville!

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