Installing a synthetic putting green on your property is a great way to add some fun to your home while also increasing its value. With proper care and maintenance, you can ensure that your putting green installation near me will last for years to come. Here are some steps you can take to keep your artificial green in great condition:

1. Clean Your Putting Green Regularly

Clear off leaves, branches and other debris from your putting green installation near me at least once a week. Otherwise, they can pile up on the artificial grass. Keeping your putting green clean will also help you avoid any mold or mildew buildup.

2. Use a Leaf Blower to Clear Rough Spots

Use a leaf blower to remove dirt and dust from any rough spots on the putting green and around the hole cups. This will ensure that the surface is smooth and even, which will lead to better playability of the putting green.

3. Clean Up Spills as Soon as They Happen

The longer a substance is left to sit on the lawn, the more likely it is that some of it will soak through and penetrate the backing material of the grass. Once that happens, it’s going to be very difficult to clean them off your putting green installation near me. 

Prevent that by flushing spills with water, then using a mild detergent for more stubborn stains.

4. Use Turf-friendly Cleaning Chemicals

If you plan on using weed killers or pesticides on your putting green, make sure that it won’t damage synthetic turf. A number of these chemicals can actually damage or cause discoloration, such as bleach. 

In most cases, mild dish soap, baking soda paste, or white vinegar are enough to clean and disinfect synthetic grass.

5. Brush Against the Grain

Use a stiff brush to brush the individual grass fibers against the grain. This will help keep them upright and allow them to dry out in case they get wet. Don’t use a metal-bristled brush because it can damage the turf. A brush with plastic bristles is a great choice.

6. Hose Down the Green After Rain

Hose down the green after storms to remove any debris that might have been brought in by the heavy rain. Then, check for holes or tears in the turf so you can patch them up before they get bigger and cause serious damage.

7. Remove Weeds Immediately

Remove weeds around the synthetic putting green. Most weeds cannot grow on an artificial turf installation near me. However, some can find their way into it. Make sure to remove any weeds that find their way through or around the green before they spread out across it.

8. Don’t Leave Items Sitting on the Green

When using the turf, make sure all of your equipment is stored away at the end of the day. This includes things like golf balls, tees and other small items that could press down or damage the turf overnight.

Tee Times Are Always a Blast on Artificial Turf in Nashville

By following these steps, you can help ensure the quality, safety andplayability of your backyard putting green, and the enjoyment that comes along with it.

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