We understand that as a pet owner, you don’t want to disrupt your dog’s routine when you switch to artificial grass. Potty training them is hard enough – having to start from square one is a nightmare.

The good news? It’s okay for dogs to urinate on artificial grass in Nashville. In fact, artificial grass is a more ideal potty surface for dogs than natural grass. Here’s why:

Dog Urine Won’t Kill Artificial Grass

Dog urine has high concentrations of nitrogen and salts, which can burn natural grass. Because of this, many Nashville pet owners have resigned themselves to the fact that having a dog means yellow, brown, and dead spots in their yards.

Replacing your delicate lawn with dog-friendly Nashville artificial grass means not having to sacrifice your dream lawn for your canine buddy. Because the turf doesn’t contain live vegetation, nitrogen and salts from your pup’s pee won’t kill it. It’ll stay green and gorgeous no matter how many times your dog goes potty on it.

Artificial Grass Doesn’t Absorb Dog Urine

If you’ve ever experienced the whiff of ammonia coming from your pup’s potty spot, then you know that natural grass absorbs urine quickly. That’s because the soil underneath the grass absorbs anything and everything that comes into contact with it.

Unlike natural grass, artificial turf doesn’t absorb dog urine because it’s made of synthetic material. The surface is porous, while the base is solid. So although the blades of grass can become wet, it never soaks down to the base or gets trapped in the drainage system of your artificial lawn.

No More Puddles of Stagnant Urine

Standing puddles of urine may seem like an unavoidable consequence of owning both a dog and a natural lawn. Unfortunately, these puddles are breeding grounds for bacteria and other pathogens that can harm your pet.

The good news is that with artificial grass in Nashville, those puddles won’t form – meaning no lingering odors or diseases from stagnant pee. Instead, it’ll all filter through the turf’s drainage system.

Doing away with standing puddles and damp spots is especially helpful if you have multiple dogs. With artificial grass, your canine pals can urinate wherever they need to without you having to worry about the health risks associated with sharing potty areas.

How to Clean Dog Urine Off Artificial Grass

Cleaning up dog urine off artificial grass is a breeze. All you have to do is grab a hose and spray down the affected area for a few minutes. This process rinses away bacteria and salts, leaving the grass looking good as new.

Once you rinse the area, you may want to apply a pet-friendly deodorizer or disinfectant to further discourage your dog from returning to the same spot.

The Bottom Line: Dogs Can Pee on Artificial Grass with No Worries

Artificial grass is perfectly safe and healthy for dogs to pee on. It won’t absorb urine like natural grass, and won’t be damaged by their waste. Plus, it’s easy to clean up after them – all you have to do is spray it down with a hose.

If you’re still on the fence about going synthetic with artificial turf installation companies near me, our team here at Nashville Artificial Grass would love to help. We’d love to answer any questions you have about artificial grass for a pet-friendly household, or specialized applications like putting green installation near me.

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