Winter is here and you should be done winterizing your natural lawn by now. If you aren’t, this article will help you get up to speed. Otherwise, the grass won’t survive the colder months. In contrast, you don’t have to worry about that if you have a synthetic lawn. Artificial grass in Nashville doesn’t need winterizing to get through the winter.

Why Is Winterizing Crucial for Natural Lawns?

Natural grass typically enters a dormant state during the winter. It can’t process sugar and energy (photosynthesis) when the ground is cold, and it also doesn’t absorb nutrients that well.

Winterizing typically involves fertilizing the lawn to give it a better chance of surviving winter and thriving again in spring.

How Does Artificial Grass Survive Winter Without Winterizing?

Artificial grass in Nashville is not alive, so it doesn’t need to be winterized. That means it won’t go dormant or require extra nutrients to get through the winter.

Ice can form on it when it gets cold enough, but don’t worry. Frost can’t damage artificial turf in any way. You could pour warm water over the area if you want to melt the frost.Once spring rolls around, the frost and snow on artificial grass will melt on their own.

You can hose it down to get rid of any dirt and debris that wind up on its surface. You can also wash, scrub, and brush the grass as well to freshen it up. The sun will dry it quickly, and you can start using it again after.

What Other Bad Weather Conditions Can Artificial Grass Withstand?

Aside from winter, the following bad weather conditions also have no lasting impact on an artificial turf installation near me.


Natural grass needs a lot of water to stay healthy and look good. And when it’s hot and dry, the amount it needs can double. That’s why natural lawns struggle to survive during droughts.

But artificial grass isn’t alive, so it doesn’t need water to look great. The only time it needs water is for cleanups like to rinse off dirt or spills.

Moreover, artificial turf has heat-resistant fibers that prevent it from turning dry, brittle, or brown when it’s under the sun. It also won’t fade or lose its color.


Too much water can kill natural grass. It can make it grow thin and weak. Excessive moisture can also make the turf grow shallow roots, which attracts pests and makes it susceptible to turf diseases.

But that’s not a problem with artificial grass! It neither has roots that will grow shallow from too much water nor natural fibers that will get patchy.

Moreover, synthetic grass is resistant to water and has a great drainage system. Water doesn’t stay long on its surface.

Enjoy a Winter-Proof Lawn With the Help of Artificial Turf Installation Companies Near Me

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