Nashville’s natural beauty might be tough for your yard to compete with, especially when brown spots left by your dog’s frequent urination disrupt the verdant charm. Fortunately, you can have a beautiful, brown-spot-free yard despite your pet’s bathroom habits with an artificial turf installation near me.

How Do Dogs Cause Brown Spots on Lawns?

The appearance of brown spots on your lush green lawns is mainly due to your dog’s urine. Dog urine contains high levels of nitrogen and salts, essential nutrients for grass, but not in excess. 

When a dog urinates, it releases a concentrated amount of these substances onto a limited area of your lawn, burning the grass roots and causing browning. 

This issue is amplified with female dogs, who tend to release all their urine at once in a specific spot, generating a strikingly brown, dead patch encircled by lush, over-fertilized grass.

How Does Artificial Grass Stop Brown Spots Caused by Dogs?

Let’s take a closer look at how synthetic turf can help you win the battle against dog-induced yard blemishes.

No Live Grass – No Brown Spots with Artificial Grass

Contrary to natural grass, which can be affected by your dog’s urine, artificial turf remains immune as it doesn’t have organic properties. Because it’s synthetic, it doesn’t react or respond to nitrogen, uric acid, or other elements in your dog’s urine. 

You won’t see yellowing, browning, or any other discoloration after your dog uses it as a bathroom. Artificial grass negates the possibility of spots or patches – your yard will retain its vibrant, uniform green aesthetic no matter what.

Easy Clean-Up

One feature of artificial turf that is in sharp contrast to natural grass is its easy clean-up capability. 

When your furry friend urinates, the liquid drains through the permeable backing of the turf, leaving no residue on the fiber surface. Solid waste can be picked up and disposed of easily without clinging or embedding into the grass fibers. 

For a more thorough wash, rinse the spots with water or a mild detergent, if needed. Your artificial grass remains fresh, clean, and spotless, ready for the next playtime or lounging session.

Stain And Spill Resistant

Superior quality artificial grasses are designed to resist an array of stains, including those from pet accidents. The synthetic material used in their manufacturing does not absorb or react with substances commonly found in various liquids. 

Even if your dog’s urine is more concentrated, the color and integrity of your artificial turf remain unaffected. Your yard stays free from not only urine-caused brown spots but also all pet-related stains.

No Fading

While natural grass can lose its color or vigor under harsh sunlight or due to damage caused by pet urine, artificial turf stays incredibly resistant to fading. 

High-quality synthetic grass products come with built-in UV protection, which means that harsh sunlight or chemical constituents in the dog’s urine won’t fade or alter the bright green hue of the grass. 

The color is intricately woven into the fibers during the manufacturing process, so no external factors can make it fade. This way, your yard keeps looking consistently green, vibrant, and inviting – a sight to savor both for you and your canine friend.

Other Pet Problems in Yards That Artificial Grass Solves

Beyond turning brown, dogs can cause various other troubles in yards, such as digging holes and creating worn paths. Artificial grass solves these issues with its durable, dig-proof turf. Paws and claws can’t break through it, and the fibers spring up once the pressure on them is gone. In short, it can withstand anything your pet can throw at it.

Never Deal With Brown Spots Again

Don’t allow nagging brown spots to cause a rift between your aesthetic standards and your canine companion. Artificial turf is here to resolve your predicament, giving you a green, consistent, and beautifully maintained lawn all year round – brown spots are finally out of the picture! 

If you’re ready to reclaim your lawn’s beauty, give Nashville Artificial Grass a call. We have everything you need to make the switch to a synthetic lawn, from premium pet turf to expert installation services. 

Contact us online or dial 629-218-4177, and we’ll provide a free consultation and show you exactly how artificial turf can bring the “green peace” back into your lawn!