Dog-Friendly Artificial Grass in Nashville for Pet-Loving Homes & Businesses

Dogs love to run and play outside, but they have a talent for getting into trouble. From digging craters in your lawn to ripping up your garden and peeing on every patch of grass in sight, natural grass doesn’t stand a chance.

Introducing artificial grass in Nashville – the greener solution that will give your dog freedom and, for you, a beautiful lawn and peace of mind.

What is Artificial Grass in Nashville?

Think of a lush and green backyard – except our synthetic version will never wilt or die, lasts for years and is virtually indestructible by even the most hyperactive dogs. It’s also safer for your pet and requires very little maintenance on your part.

Synthetic turf for Nashville homes is made of non-toxic and UV-protected polyethylene blades that will never break down, mold or mildew.

It’s soft under your feet and looks just like the real thing, from the blades to the realistic thatch layer.

And because it’s designed specifically for pets, it’s also:

  • Antibacterial:  The antibacterial protection of our synthetic grass helps to inhibit the growth of harmful germs and bacteria as a result of pet waste.
  • Mud-Free : Keep your pet AND your home clean! Synthetic grass for dogs is mud-free, even when it rains.
  • Hypoallergenic : Our pet turf in Nashville doesn’t produce pollen or dust that can trigger allergic reactions in your family members – furry friends included!
  • Resistant to Fleas and Ticks : Stop flea and tick infestations dead in their tracks with artificial grass. Synthetic lawns don’t attract bugs, so your lawn is naturally inhospitable to these pesky parasites. This includes other pests that can harm your pet, such as rodents, worms, moles, grubs and other insects.
  • Damage-Resistant : Unlike grass, synthetic turf is practically indestructible. When dogs run and play on our pet turf, it rebounds instead of being crushed. Dog urine, which is a known grass killer, has no effect on it, too. Let your dog run and play to their heart’s content – your backyard will look just as pretty when they’re done.
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Great for Nashville Dogs of All Breeds, Ages and Sizes

Whether you have a massive Great Dane, a tiny Chihuahua or anywhere in between, our synthetic grass is ideal for all breeds and sizes of dogs.

Got a senior, arthritic dog? Your pet will appreciate the gentle surface of our pet turf as opposed to harsh ground. Expecting a litter of puppies? Backyard artificial grass is safer for their developing joints, offering excellent traction even when wet.

It’s also easier to clean pet urine and poop off artificial grass no matter how many dogs you have. Simply hose it off and you’re ready to go.

Can dogs pee and poop on artificial grass?

Yes! We often get this question – pets can pee and poop on artificial grass just like they would on a natural lawn.

What type of artificial grass is best for dogs?

The best artificial grass for dogs should have excellent drainage, be soft on paws, be tough enough to withstand playtime and look realistic. It should also be non-toxic. All our products meet these requirements.

Is artificial grass any good with dogs?

Artificial grass is the ideal surface for homes with dogs. Not only does it always look green and lush, but it’s easier to clean than any other surface. Pet urine and poop have no effect on artificial grass, so you don’t need to worry about damage or stains.

Do dogs like to pee on artificial grass?

Yes. Dog urine will drain through the synthetic grass backing, leaving no mess and odor behind.

What happens if dogs eat artificial grass?

Our synthetic grass is non-toxic, so in the rare event that your dog eats it, there are no dangerous chemicals to harm them.

Dogs Love Artificial Grass in Nashville – And You Will, Too!

We’re also pet lovers here at Nashville Artificial Grass, so we know how important it is to keep your furry best friend happy and healthy. Our artificial grass products are designed to do just that.

Not only is our pet turf better for your pet, but it’s also better for you. Imagine never having to mow, water or weed your lawn again. More time for fetch and fun, less time for lawn care. It’s a win-win!

Finally, we also offer pet-friendly artificial grass in Nashville for putting greens, patios and so much more.

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