Custom Putting Green Installation Near Me for Nashville Golfers and Homes

Bring home the best sport in the world with artificial grass putting green installation near me!

Golfer or not, you’ll find a lot to love in our artificial putting greens. From their realistic surface texture to their ultra-durable design, it’s easy to see why a lot of pros and leisure players are investing in their own custom greens.

Backyard putting greens are also a terrific way to spend time with the kids, stay active in your retirement or entertain guests.

Pro-Level Putting Practice

Artificial grass in Nashville creates ideal conditions for putting and chipping practice. The surface is consistent, with no bumps or ridges to throw off your game. Expect amazing feedback as you practice, with no skidding or sliding to alter that all-important feel.

Finally, we can customize synthetic greens to your exact specifications. Want a sand trap or slopes? Accessible from all sides? Closest to a traditional golf green as possible? No problem!

From color palette to individual holes, we’ll make sure your personal greens are everything you want them to be.

Family-Friendly Entertainment

Liven up a birthday party, family get-together or weekend brunch with a round or two!

With a variety of surface textures and forms, we can create an exciting challenge for family members of all ages. Kids will love to test their skills against mom and dad’s, while older guests can enjoy some friendly competition.

Our putting greens are always a hit and you don’t have to worry about the weather or not being able to see the ball. On top of that, artificial grass for backyards look fantastic all year long!

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Natural Grass vs. Artificial Grass for Nashville Putting Greens

Natural grass may look fabulous on the golf course, but it’s not worth it for your backyard.

Wear and tear, inconsistent surface growth, the need for water, fertilizers, weedkillers, pesticides—none of these things are problems with our synthetic putting greens.

Other benefits include:

  • Better traction and footing
  • No mud or puddles to impede your game
  • No weeds or bugs
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Resistant to sun damage and moisture
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable
  • And so much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build a golf green in your backyard?

It depends on the size of your green, as well as the features and customizations you request. Call us today and we’ll send over a free quote quickly, with a pricing breakdown to help you figure out exactly what you’re able to afford.

Can I install my own putting green?

You could, but we strongly advise against it. Putting green installation is highly technical and best left to artificial turf installation companies near me.

At Nashville Artificial Grass, we factor in everything from drainage to excavation requirements, weed protection, correct slope angles and more to make sure the result is safe, functional and beautiful. Our installation services also come with warranty protection for your peace of mind.

Do putting greens add value to a home?

Yes! Homebuyers are often drawn to properties with attractive backyard entertainment space and our beautiful synthetic grass putting greens offer just that.

What is a good size for a backyard putting green?

We can tailor our backyard putting to whatever putting green sizes you need. Want a small, cozy green for a traditional putting experience? We can do that. Want a putting green surface full course that’s challenging enough to keep even veteran golfers entertained? We can do that too.

What kind of grass do you use for a putting green?

Nashville Artificial Grass uses the finest putting green turf in the market. Our products are designed with the highest quality yarn counts, featuring UV stability, water/drainage penetration and other awesome features that stand up to constant use.

FREE Quote on Putting Green Installation Near Me!

Whether you want to make your game sharper or your backyard more attractive, a custom putting green is the perfect solution.

Nashville Artificial Grass has worked with recreational golfers, experienced pros, homeowners and everyone in between. We can provide an affordable, attractive putting green solution for whatever you need!

Call 629-218-4177 and get your FREE quote today. You can also send us a message through our online form and we’ll get in touch ASAP.

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