Want to know what’s better than natural grass? An artificial turf installation near me.That’s right. Artificial grass is not just easier to maintain than real turf. It also comes in varieties designed for various applications, like pet spaces, putting greens, swimming pool surrounds and more.

Plus, expert turf installers can cut and alter it to fit into any space. And unlike natural grass, which you can only grow on soil, you can have synthetic turf installed in more areas. That opens more opportunities to get creative with your landscape.

Surfaces You Can Install Artificial Grass On

To make the most of artificial grass for landscaping, you must know where you can install it. Here are the surfaces turf experts can lay it down on:


Soil is essential in grass growth, but it needs certain conditions to thrive. If your soil is infertile or compacted, natural grass is not going to stay healthy on it for long.

In contrast, it doesn’t require fertile or loose soil to thrive. So you can use it to spruce up your yard even if the ground is rock solid or has zero nutrients.


You don’t have to say goodbye to your dream lawn landscape if your yard is mostly concrete. You just have to install artificial grass.

Turf installers can lay the turf on concrete without any problems. So nothing is stopping you from making your cold gray concrete floor more inviting and gentle underfoot.


If you have wood decking that looks old or battered, you can breathe new life into it with an synthetic turf installation near me.

Artificial grass experts can cover the weathered wood easily. You just need to remember to clean and seal the deck before the installation to protect it from moisture damage.

The great news is that most artificial grasses come with a polyurethane backing that helps prevent mold growth.


Using bricks for yard flooring can give the area a rustic yet appealing look. However, they seldom create a completely flat surface.

If you’re tired of your uneven brick flooring, you can always cover it with artificial grass. Most turf experts would add a thin pad to ensure the surface is consistently flat before installing artificial grass.

You can choose to cover the entire area with synthetic grass or just a portion of it for visual appeal.

Unconventional Places You Can Install Artificial Grass On

Artificial turf in Nashville is a versatile landscaping material, so you don’t have to limit it to floors. You can also install it on these places:

On Walls

Artificial grass on walls is a great way to make a statement piece. For a truly unique look, you can install grasses with different colors or pile heights on one of the exterior walls of your home.

On Sloping and Inclining Surfaces

Natural grass usually has a hard time growing consistently on areas with slopes and steep inclines. But artificial turf doesn’t have the same problem. That means you can spruce up these areas in your yard easily.

Style Up Your Home With the Help of an Artificial Turf Installation Companies Near Me

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